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5 Reasons to Avoid Gatorade


5 Reasons to Avoid Gatorade

(and other sports drinks)

Let’s face it. It’s difficult to avoid the conveniences of plastic bottles and drive through windows. But you can still make healthy choices for your children. One change we suggest you make immediately is to stop giving your child sports drinks and soda (which, for all practical purposes, are the same).

We’ve listed 5 reasons to help make the switch to water easier.
[color_box bg=”feffcb” text=”777777″ border=”d7d862″] [dropcap_box bg=”006699″ color=”ffffff” border=”666666″]1. [/dropcap_box] Your children like having teeth – A May, 2012 study published in the journal of General Dentistry discovered that sports drinks are just as damaging as soda and contain so much acid that irreversible damage is done after only five days of consistent use. 30-50% of American teens drink energy drinks, and up to 62 percent drink sports drinks DAILY.
[/color_box] [color_box bg=”feffcb” text=”777777″ border=”d7d862″] [dropcap_box bg=”006699″ color=”ffffff” border=”666666″]2. [/dropcap_box]You don’t want your kids to look like rodeo clowns on Picture Day  – How many times have you seen the team picture ruined by one or two “Gatorade smiles”.   Switch to water and you’ll never have to worry about that again… for your own children, anyway.
[/color_box] [color_box bg=”feffcb” text=”777777″ border=”d7d862″] [dropcap_box bg=”006699″ color=”ffffff” border=”666666″]3. [/dropcap_box] You want normal children–  Brominated Vegetable Oil, Red 40, Blue 2, Green 3, Orange B, Red 3, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6 should be consumed with caution.  Some children may be sensitive to artificial dyes, and children consuming them can show an increase in behavioral issues and lead to serious problems. Eliminating flame retardants (BVO) and artificial food colors from the diet of your child may lower or eliminate their need for ADHD medications, according to a June 2008 article posted on, and Dr. Mercola.
[/color_box] [color_box bg=”feffcb” text=”777777″ border=”d7d862″] [dropcap_box bg=”006699″ color=”ffffff” border=”666666″]4. [/dropcap_box] You hate cancer – Caramel Color is processed with ammonia – this is a caustic chemical used in commercial cleaning products. It’s common to dark processed foods like sodas – made of sugars, ammonium, and acids or bases. Studies show that contaminants from this processing causes cancer in mice. The World Health Organization deemed them “possibly carcinogenic to humans.
[/color_box] [color_box bg=”feffcb” text=”777777″ border=”d7d862″] [dropcap_box bg=”006699″ color=”ffffff” border=”666666″]5. [/dropcap_box] “Thin” is IN! – Sugar doesn’t just eat away at your teeth. It also makes you F-A-T. Ever heard the term “corn fed”? In Oklahoma and Texas it was a common expression when referring to an abnormally large child. “That boy’s corn fed.” Cattle ranchers have known for decades that corn and corn by-products like corn starch and corn syrup fatten up cows.

It does the same to people.
[/color_box] Stop drinking Gatorade and other “sports” drinks to keep your teeth, save your liver and live longer.

A half banana and a bottle of water are a much healthier alternative to achieve the same recovery goal.


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Mike Slatton is a 2nd generation American youth soccer coach since 1984, and the son of one of the nation's first female licensed youth soccer coaches (Anita Slatton, 1979). He's also a professional soccer scout, a player since 1977, and the father of three adult and teenage children who all play or have played the game. "My job as a youth soccer coach is to develop detail oriented problem solvers who can react quickly under pressure. This relates to life - not just soccer."

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