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About Us

Since 2012, Mike Slatton has been writing about the American youth soccer system and it’s failings to actually develop great soccer talent.  With mentions in National Geographic, ESPN, and soccer blogs from Australia to Japan to New Zealand, the Soccer Mom Manual is truly a global resource of American youth soccer information and opinion.

The number of youth soccer players in the United States has doubled since 1990, with about 10 million soccer moms, dads and grandparents, spending around $5 BILLION dollars in soccer fees and related expenditures.  The Soccer Mom Manual strives to be an advocate for youth players and parents by revealing the outrageous flaws in today’s pay-for-play system.  The current environment is terribly counterproductive to our children’s success in soccer, and subsequently our nation’s success in the sport.

[su_quote cite=”Chief Editor of The Soccer Mom Manual | Mike Slatton”]Our goal is to foster the conversation that helps restore fairness to American youth soccer, because so much potential is lost in today’s club environment. The pay-for-play system, coaches who are only interested in trophies, and “participation awards” have created an environment that causes many children to give up the sport before ever really understanding it.[/su_quote]

Help Us

We’re always looking for new perspectives, articles and product/service reviews.  If you’d like to contribute to The Soccer Mom Manual, please contact us.  We need contributors from every corner of the nation to give soccer moms and dads tips, advice, and insight into products you use, camps you or your child has attended and soccer clubs in your area.