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Playing soccer isn’t enough to be healthy. What you put in and on your body will make a bigger impact on your health than activities alone.

Consider that it took a field-wide effort of ten other boys to give your player the opportunity to knock the ball into the goal.

Your player’s ability to score goals is 100% reliant on their TEAMMATES.  100%.  In other words, they have NO CONTROL over whether or not they score, as the opportunity to score lies is someone else’s ability – or willingness – to give them the ball.  In fact, if you want your child to score goals – and you have money to throw – you should probably throw it at your child’s teammates, for assists.

Children are BORN with confidence. The have no fear of anything, until they are given a reason to fear something.

For instance, children aren’t afraid of heights until they fall, or they witness someone else fall, or are convinced by another person that they should be afraid of falling. Children aren’t afraid of strange animals until they are bitten, see someone else get bitten, or are convinced by another person that approaching a strange animal could result in physical harm. With no outside influence, children are CONFIDENT.

There is one universal thing that all parents want for their kids: happiness. Parents just want their kids to be…

If you look at the core of most ACL injuries, the underlying problems start around puberty. That’s why it’s suggested by many competitive soccer trainers and respected youth soccer directors to enroll your child in Taekwondo, and encourage them to take an entire year off from soccer as they enter puberty.

Watermelon is an incredibly healthy snack for soccer players, but it’s not always the easiest food to manage. Well, thanks to the fine people at Publix, we have a video of the fastest way to cut watermelon – and it can be done in less than 30 seconds (as shown in this video). It’s done by cutting both ends of the watermelon off, and …

In many countries, including Portugal and the United States, a new tattoo can affect how often a person donates blood, with a waiting period between six months and a few years implemented as a precaution against cross-contamination and diseases, like hepatitis.

In reality, a minute (that’s maɪˈnjuːt) percentage of people need all of that sugar in one drink, and few people can even burn up all of those empty calories. You’d HAVE to be a very active athlete to justify drinking any kind of “sports drink“, because you’re drinking 140 calories that are going right into storage (turning into fat) if you’re not.

5 Reasons to Avoid Gatorade (and other sports drinks) Let’s face it. It’s difficult to avoid the conveniences of plastic…