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Athlete Performance free-play soccer in the USA

Free-play is the single thing that America lacks, and we can never win a World Cup until we fix it.

The key is “varying ages and skill levels”. Younger players playing against older players increase reaction speed and reflexes, while learning skills “beyond their years”.

Mike Slatton's Blog Getting ready to head the ball

Most kids who are new to the game are usually assigned to coaches who are equally new to the game. This the REAL problem of our youth system and the actual CAUSE of concussions in young players. That’s because 99% of concussions in youth soccer games u-8 and younger are directly related to CHASING THE BALL.

Athlete Performance The 10,000 Hours Myth

10,000 hours of playing soft with 21 other over-fed softies won’t make anyone HUNGER for more – more food, more money or more love. 10,000 hours of training provided to a 12 year old kid who’s driven every day to the gifted program at his school in a luxury car and given all of the love and encouragement necessary to become anything he wants in life isn’t going to produce a top quality professional soccer player.

Mike Slatton's Blog USA soccer fan

The game was close and it looked like we would lose and possibly be eliminated from the competition. It was tense, and everyone was quiet as time rapidly ticked away.

In the 89th minute however, my 5 year old son, Jonah (who’s still quite a cheerleader) began chanting “USA… USA… USA

Mike Slatton's Blog Drogba changes outcome of World Cup game vs japan

Japan was leading Ivory Coast 1 – 0 into the second half of last night’s World Cup game, and for all practical purposes, it looked like they would win. Their passing was crisp and opportunities were coming. The Orange were having trouble just getting the ball on frame. Then Didier Drogba came into the game

Mike Slatton's Blog Brazil 2014 World Cup Squad

Assembling the best team of individuals available to create the best team possible is more like assembling a baking recipe than it is a puzzle. There is no one right answer, but there is certainly a best possible combination. To get to there though, coaches must consider every player individually, and look at their relationships with other players on the team first.

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