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The highest paying athletic team in the world is FC Barcelona and has an average salary of $8,680,569 a year, with each player earning about $166,934 a WEEK! Second in line is AC Milan, from Italian professional league Serie A. It’s interesting to note that the New York Yankees and AC Milan have nearly identical payrolls, but the AC Milan players have higher individual salaries than the Yankees players.

Soccer FAQs Thierry Henry of the New York Red Bulls

Major League Soccer players in the United States get paid more than the majority of soccer players in the world, but are by no means the top earning players in the world of soccer. The league minimum wage for 2013 is $35,125. The AVERAGE MLS player salary is

Soccer FAQs

The kick-off is taken from the center spot. All players must be in their own half of the field of play, and all opposing players must remain at least 10 yards (9.16m) from the ball (a distance marked by the center circle), until the ball is in play.

Soccer FAQs Club Soccer and alternatives

While club soccer is the most popular and competitive way to participate in the sport in the United States, you’re not limited to “soccer clubs”. Kids can play organized soccer at the YMCA and recreational sports organizations like i9 Sports & National Youth Sports.