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Soccer Careers Soccer is creating trained killers

A well trained athlete has been rehearsing on-field scenarios to the point that almost nothing surprises them. The highest caliber military personnel mentioned above are, too. Many military personnel were athletes growing up. The best athletes are usually the ones who thrive in organizations stated previously.

The Big Picture Scouts

The fact that kids are quitting soccer is NOTHING to be alarmed about. There is no way to remove pressure from sports. Pressure is what sports are all about. In fact, the pressure to win is a VITAL PART of the athletic development process. There seems to be this growing argument that winning games should be completely ignored in order to focus on “player development”, but the pressure to win is what MOTIVATES the desire to improve one’s skills.

Athlete Performance ACL injury prevention: Taekwondo

If you look at the core of most ACL injuries, the underlying problems start around puberty. That’s why it’s suggested by many competitive soccer trainers and respected youth soccer directors to enroll your child in Taekwondo, and encourage them to take an entire year off from soccer as they enter puberty.

Athlete Performance Futsal in Kansas City

Now, hopefully the soccer clubs can curb their money grab and not try to figure out a way to hijack the courts, and continue their oppression of those with the greatest athletic potential.

Soccer Careers Major League Soccer doesn't want promotion and relegation.

Major League Soccer is now starting to follow the same pattern as the NFL, drafting college players and promoting their colleges & universities, thereby feeding the educational machine, strengthening the evil NCAA and creating a professional soccer athlete clearing house to draw cheap labor from.

Economics Paid Youth Soccer Coaches

Clubs with the highest fees tend to look more like government WELFARE-TO-WORK programs, as you have a dozen coaches waiting at the club house to “clock-in” at 6pm and begin the first of their 3 practices for the evening.

Soccer Careers Univerity of New Mexico starting goalkeeper, Patrick Poblete

They have both spent thousands of dollars on gas to drive carpools to practice, the best equipment that we could afford, uniforms, as well as countless afternoons on the sidelines of u-12 games roasting away in the heat and not once have I ever heard either of them complain. Once my parents realized that soccer was my passion, they dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to ensuring that I could be as successful as I wanted to be.

The Big Picture Coaching from the Bench

Many youth soccer clubs are starting to look like third-world mega-corps with 6 figure salaries for Executive and Technical Directors, while the bathrooms are filthy, the fields & equipment are deteriorating, and the coaches are getting paid just over minimum wage. The results are high coach turnover, frustrated parents and emotional coaches.

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