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Resources for Soccer Moms

(and Dads)

In our years of involvement, we’ve experienced a lot of bad coaching and organization.  This page is an ever-evolving “conversation” of resources that we’ve found help parents to understand the game.

The best place to to start educating yourself is with the Coaching License Guidebook.  It’s meant to be an introduction into licensing for those interested in getting licensed by the United  "E" Course Candidate Guidebook, U. S. SoccerStates Soccer Federation. This is essentially how U.S. Soccer wants things done.  A quick read through will help you compare and contrast your child’s coaching with U.S. Soccers’s teachings.  You may find (as we have) that your club is focused more on club salaries and your coach is more focused on trophies than they are on player development.

One of the interesting things you’ll discover in the U.S. SOCCER “E” COURSE Candidate Guidebook is that U.S. Soccer believes players should be grouped by ability first, and that age is a poor guide for segregating players (pg. 15).  When you segregate players by age, the only players that benefit are the weaker one.  Good for them, but the better kids are most likely the most interested in the first place.  Age grouping over ability grouping risks losing your better players to other sports or activities.  Keep it challenging and you’ll keep your better athletes interested.