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For the overwhelming majority of American youth soccer players, the sport of soccer is a social endeavor.  The kids don’t look at soccer as a way out of the ghetto.  These kids aren’t from the ghetto.  Most American soccer players come from middle and upper middle class backgrounds;  They’re in the gifted programs at school, they eat out three evenings a week and the only thing they worry about is when they’ll get their braces off.  They have college educated parents who have worked very hard to ensure that they get every opportunity available to be successful in this country.

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The only thing that makes club soccer better than the YMCA, i9 Sports or National Youth Sports is the fact that most of the better players and more competitive athletes register with clubs.

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While club soccer is the most popular and competitive way to participate in the sport in the United States, you’re not limited to “soccer clubs”. Kids can play organized soccer at the YMCA and recreational sports organizations like i9 Sports & National Youth Sports.

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Professional coaches will tell you that the average athlete needs to train about twenty hours a week to become professional and to remain competitive. When you break it down, that means that to get all of the training you need to become “professional”, it’ll take 8,ooo to 10,000 hours. And there lies OUR problem.