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Economics Paid Youth Soccer Coaches

Clubs with the highest fees tend to look more like government WELFARE-TO-WORK programs, as you have a dozen coaches waiting at the club house to “clock-in” at 6pm and begin the first of their 3 practices for the evening.

The Big Picture Playing soccer with the coach's kid can be detrimental to your sanity and your child's self-esteem

Game time is development time, and giving one player more playing time than another means that someone has to play less, and will therefore develop slower. The only thing that could make this situation even WORSE would be if the coach was obviously playing HIS OWN CHILD more than any other player.

Economics Soccer fields locked

In the United States, we’ve created an environment that prioritizes monetary compensation for EVERYTHING we do. A dollar value is placed on every task, every product, every service and our time is measured by the hour in dollars. It’s so bad that bending down to pick up a dime (quarter if you’re my wife) is measured against the time lost in getting back to work. It’s no wonder that we now pay youth coaches of every sport to do something that just 20 years ago was performed by volunteers