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Developed by Dutch powerhouse club Ajax, from 1969 to 1973, Total Football (Dutch: totaalvoetbal) is a system of play (like Barcelona) that focuses on tight possession of the ball within the midfield and explosive offensive endeavors. It’s not uncommon to see teams that have mastered this tactic dominate a match by possessing the ball as much as 80% of the game. Tiki-taka is an evolution of the Total Football system into the quick passing, highly possessive style of soccer that Barcelona plays today.

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The only thing that makes club soccer better than the YMCA, i9 Sports or National Youth Sports is the fact that most of the better players and more competitive athletes register with clubs.

The Big Picture Playing soccer with the coach's kid can be detrimental to your sanity and your child's self-esteem

Game time is development time, and giving one player more playing time than another means that someone has to play less, and will therefore develop slower. The only thing that could make this situation even WORSE would be if the coach was obviously playing HIS OWN CHILD more than any other player.