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The Big Picture Playing soccer with the coach's kid can be detrimental to your sanity and your child's self-esteem

Game time is development time, and giving one player more playing time than another means that someone has to play less, and will therefore develop slower. The only thing that could make this situation even WORSE would be if the coach was obviously playing HIS OWN CHILD more than any other player.

Athlete Performance Athletic potential- Soccer

Everyone is conceived – not born, but conceived: when the sperm meets the egg – with the potential for greatness. Few people ever actually achieve their full potential though, so what you end up with in any field or profession is not the “best of the best”, but instead, the “best of what is left”.

Soccer FAQs Club Soccer and alternatives

While club soccer is the most popular and competitive way to participate in the sport in the United States, you’re not limited to “soccer clubs”. Kids can play organized soccer at the YMCA and recreational sports organizations like i9 Sports & National Youth Sports.