Where should parents sit at soccer games?


Where should parents sit at soccer games?

where parents should sit at soccer games.

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Where you should place your chairs at the game is determined by whether you are the home team parents or the away team parents.  HOME  team parents are expected to place their seats to the LEFT OF THE CENTER LINE, and the AWAY team parents should place their chairs to the RIGHT of the center line.


Home field advantage.  The ARs (Assistant Referee or linesman) run the sideline to the right of the center line.  Those who’ve placed their chairs to the right of the center line have a view that can be OBSTRUCTED at times by the linesman.

Depending on what league your kids play in, your fees can run into the thousands of dollars. Those are expensive seats you’ve paid for, and you deserve an UNobstructed view of your child’s home games.

Waiting for the Next Game

It’s common for parents to line up their chairs behind the parents of the previous game.  If you’re waiting – be patient.  After the game, the kids may run down the sideline giving the parents a high-five, or may walk out to the center of the field for a final wave.  Respect the club or team tradition.

However, if you’re the exiting parents, be conscientious of the incoming parents and don’t stand on the sideline chit-chatting.  If anything, fold up your chairs and step 5 feet out onto the field, so the next group of parents and set up.

However, if you’re the ones waiting – chill out. It’s not the end of the world if you have to wait 5 extra minutes while they locate the nearest Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen Blizzard

End of Game

Chances are, one of the teams lost.  Many times the game may have been heated.  Separating the parents on the sideline keeps things from getting too contentious, but sometimes there’s one parent who wants to take it too far.  Regardless, once the game is over, it’s over.  No need to carry on.  Pack up your crap and head to Dairy Queen.

No matter how bad the game was, a Blizzard will make everything better.


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